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1954 Super Chief #17 in N Scale

Santa Fe Super Chief crossing the Mojave Desert powered by F7's ABBA  No. 38

       1954 Super Chief #17

ACF                    Baggage                                3456

ACF                    RPO                                       87

ACF                    10-6 Sleeper                          Palm Haven      

ACF                    10-6 Sleeper                          Palm Stream

ACF                    4-4-2 Sleeper                        Regal Crest

ACF                    4-4-2 Sleeper                        Regal Gate

ACF                    Dome                                     501

Pullman              Diner                                     603

Pullman              Dormitory Lounge               1341

Budd                   10-6 Sleeper                          Pine Pass
Budd                   10-6 Sleeper                          Pine Dale
 ACF                     4-4-2 Sleeper                        Regal Inn

ACF                    4-4-2 Sleeper                        Regal Court      

Pullman              4-1 Sleeper                           Vista Canyon

Sleeping Cars Design

10-6                      10 Roomette, 6 Bedroom

4-4-2                    4 Compartment, 4 Bedroom, 2 Drawing Room

4-1                        4 Drawing Room, 1 Bedroom

 Santa Fe #17 consist.  The ACF Sleepers, the Observation cars, the Pleasure Dome, the Diners, and the Lounge Dormitory cars were built exclusively for the Santa Fe Super Chief.  The Budd sleepers were built for general distribution and frequently found themselves on the Super Chief.

All models are from Kato.

American Car and Foundry Baggage #3456 delivered in 1950.

 Railway Post Office car 87 manufactured by ACF and delivered in

 Palm Haven is an ACF built 10-6 sleeper delivered in 1951.   
This photo shows the B side of this car.
Palm Stream another ACF car also delivered in 1951.  

Regal Crest from ACF is a 4-4-2 sleeper delivered in 1950.

AFC's Regal Gate delivered in 1950, B side..

The Pleasure Dome Lounge also featured a small dining area.  This Pullman manufactured car was delivered for the Super Chief only in 1950.  One of six cars.

Pullman made Diner was delivered for the Super Chief in 1950.

The 1341 Dormitory Lounge was built by Pullman and delivered in 1950.

The Diner always ran with the Kitchen end next to the small dining room (The Turquoise Room) of the Dome Lounge.  This allowed for direct access. 

 Pine Pass was built by Budd.  It is a 10-6 sleeper delivered to the Santa Fe in 1951.  Note that the floor plan is "flipped" from the ACF version of a 10-6.

 Pine Dale by Budd also delivered in 1951.  The Pine Dale and the Pine Pass were both modified from Kato CB&Q 10-6's.  I opened up the Wheel wells and painted the cars with Alclad II Aluminum.

 Regal Inn is a 4-4-2 built by ACF.

  Regal Court is a 4-4-2- built by ACF.

Vista Canyon is a 4-1 Sleeper Observation built exclusively for the Super Chief and delivered in 1950.

Additional Information:

Kato recently released a two pack of Santa Fe sleepers with an eleven bedroom sleeping car, and the above Pine 10-6.  The cars were delivered without skirts attached, but many of the cars had their skirts added by Santa Fe Employees.

A video of this train can be seen on YouTube at:


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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

1954 Santa Fe Grand Canyon #23

 The Grand  Canyon would vary in equipment on and ongoing basis.  The train starting in Chicago would look different by the time it arrived in Los Angeles.  There would be many sleepers dropped off and/or picked up at various stops along the route.  It also ran in sections, where because of a high volume of traffic or mail, would have a complete section (an entirely different train) following.  This is but a snapshot of how a single Grand Canyon may have looked.

PA ABA Nos. 52L, 52a and 54L

Two Railway Express Agency full length baggage cars from Rivarossi.  The two tone grey car is custom painted and decaled.
Santa Fe chair car 1133 is a brass model from Pecos River Brass.

Rivarossi chair car 3017 in grey paint scheme with modified roof for representing air ducts for air conditioning.

Santa Fe 52 seat Budd Coach 3150.  These models are modified Con Cor cars.  As produced, these models had a full car length blank panel above the windows.  I modified that panel with .010 brass wires to better represent the Santa Fe coaches.

Santa Fe 1039 is a Heavyweight Smoker Lounge with Air Conditioning.  This is a Pecos River Brass car.

Business Lounge Dormitory 1349 were delivered in 1947 for the Grand Canyon.  They were configured with a bar, a newsstand and a nurse's room.This car was custom built with M&R brass sides on an American Limited frame and painted with Alclad II Aluminum over Black. 

1475 is a Budd car delivered in 1937.  The model is Kato CB&Q, modified with four kitchen windows, absent in the Burlington model.
Ganado was built by Pullman in 1938 as a 14 section car and could regularly be found on the Grand Canyon in the 50's.  M&R sides on American Lmtd. frames, Alclad paint.  

Bald Peak was a Heavyweight 10 section 2 drawing room sleeping car built in 1926, with air conditioning added later.  Modified Rivarossi model.

Estancia Valley was delivered in 1942 as a 6-6-4 sleeper and could be found system wide.  Stock Kato car.

Point Loma is a Heavyweight 10-2 car built in 1924, with air conditioning added later. This is a Pecos River Brass car.

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The 1954 San Francisco Chief

The San Francisco Chief began operations in June of 1954, designed to compete with City of San Francisco (UP and CNW) and the California Zephyr (Burlington, RG, and WP).  This was the last long distance new train service introduced in America, but not with new equipment.  It was a success from the beginning, running from Chicago to Richmond, CA, just outside of San Francisco.
Here at Barstow, we see the San Francisco Chief heading eastbound led by an ABA lashup of of PA locos.
 Right behind the Alcos is an ACF Baggage car, no. 3460, from Kato.
2860 is the first of four chair cars on today's streamliner.  On busy days, there might be 5-7 chair cars and coaches in this train.  2860 is Budd chair car, part of an order of 45 cars delivered in 1953.
The other three chair cars 2824, 2846 and 2839 follow 2860.  These cars seated 48 passengers comfortably. The models are from ConCor.
Following the chair cars, comes the 1566 Lunch Counter-Diner.  The prototype was manufactured by Pullman Car Company in 1950. I made this model from M&R brass sides on an American Limited chassis, with Kato wheel sets.
This is the reverse side of the LCD.  It has a very interesting window arrangement.  The kitchen is on the left side of the photo.
The Big Dome Lounge Dormitory cars were delivered in early 1954.  Because of the dormitory, the lounge was smaller than the lounge of the Big Dome cars on the El Capitan.  Thus an additional lounge car was added to the SF Chief, after the diner. This car was kit bashed from M&R sides on a Bachman chassis.
The Budd diner, no. 1474 is from Kato.
The Bar Lounge 1348 is a Pullman manufactured car from 1947.  Again, M&R sides on American limited chassis.
The Regal Arms is and American Car and Foundry manufactured 4-4-2.  These cars were manufactured for the Super Chief, but many found there way to other streamliners.  This is the first of the sleepler cars.  The model is from Kato.
Pine Leaf is a 10-6 sleeper from Budd.  I removed much of the skirting, as in reality, crews removed them for greater access to the equipment.  The model is is from Kato.
Indian Arrow is a 24 Roomette car from Pullman. I built this car from M&R sides on an American Limited chassis with Kato with Kato wheelsets.
Blue Moon is another M&R car.  This sleeper would be dropped off in Arizona with its ultimate destination being Phoenix.  There were many sleeper pick ups and drop offs along the way to and from Chicago.  I included this car FYI.
The last car in the streamliner is the Salahkai 8-2-2 sleeper.  The Salahkai was built by Pullman from a 1937 order.  Another M&R sides car.

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A video of this train can be found on YouTube at:

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1954 Santa Fe El Capitan in N Scale

 EMD F7's 40 ABCL heading through the Mojave Desert

The 1954 El Capitan streaks across the Mojave Desert in Southern California heading westbound into Los Angeles.  The following pictures will present the individual cars in the consist. The cars were arranged in a specific manner after the head end cars.  Two chair cars, a lunch counter-diner; two more chairs and the dome lounge; two more chairs, a LCD; Two more chairs, and the parlor observation car.  Additional chair cars were place after the second LCD.
Immediately following the F units we find a baggage and mail car, number 3407 and a full baggage car, number 3436.  The mail section of 3407 was used for sorting and classifying mail according to U.S. Post Office specifications.  This car was not to be confused with a Railway Post Office (RPO), which were on trains with a daily schedule, such as the Super Chief.  These are Budd built cars.  The models are Kato.

The next car in the train is baggage dormitory car 3477.  The dormitory is mainly used by the crews, but is passenger accessible as a lounge.  This car was manufactured by the Pullman company in 1947.  The model is custom made with M&R sides fitted to an American Limited chassis, Kato trucks and wheel sets.

Car 2860 is a Budd manufactured 48 seat chair car from 1953.  These cars were considered the most beautiful cars on the Santa Fe, both inside and out. They were made specifically for the El Capitan, a premier coach train.

 On the Santa Fe Railroad, chair cars differ from coaches in that chair cars have reclining seats, while coaches do not. These models were manufactured by Con-Cor and as most of my passenger cars, were painted with Alcor Polished Aluminum. (Car 2828)

Following the first two chair cars come the first Lunch Counter-Diner.  This Pullman manufactured car, No. 1507, was built in 1940, a single order car. It was a backup car for this train.  The model is custom made with M&R sides on the American Limited frame.

Two more 2816 class chair cars follow the LCD.

Big Dome Lounges 506-513 were built by Budd in 1954, especially for the El Capitan and the Kansas Cityan/Chicagoan.  The custon model is on a Bachman Chassis with M&R sides.

Two more 2816 class chair cars.

Following the first two coaches comes the second Lunch Counter-Diner.  This Pullman manufactured car, No. 1567, was built in 1950.  The model is custom made with M&R sides on the American Limited frame.

These are the final two of eight identical chair cars on the El Capitan.

This parlor observation car was built for the El Capitan in 1938.  The model is from Pecos River Brass.  I replaced the trucks with Kato Budd trucks.

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A video of this train can be seen on YouTube at: