Monday, June 4, 2012

Needles Division Santa Fe Railroad

Santa Fe C44-9W "Double Stack" Train

Welcome to my first blog for the Needles Division of the Santa Fe RR in  N Scale.  My railroad has been "finished" for the most part since 2001,  You can find a five page article in Sept 2002 Model Railroader Magazine if you would like to familiar yourselves with my railroad.  I know modelers never throw out magazines. 

I model two different time periods.  It might be June 30, 1954, or may end up being June 30, 1981.  In will in time explain why  chose those two time periods.  I also have some Super Fleet locos which are currently leading double stacks on the layout.  This summer on my layout, I have a potpourri of different Santa Fe prototypes over four decades which make for some interesting videos.

Weathered Containers, 40 and 45 foot

Slightly Weathered

Passing through Needles California

Painted containers are much easier to weather

A video of this train can be found can be found on You Tube at: