Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dash 8-40BW 1990-1992

DASH 8-40BW 1990-1992
Trio of Dash 8-40BW's serviced at Barstow.   

Note American Limited Fuel stations

This will be my second posting on the Needles Division of the Santa Fe Railroad in N Scale, which I will from now on just call it the Needles Division.  Thought I'd trot out my Dash 8-40BW's for a double stack dash through the division.  At the bottom of the blog, you will find a link to YouTube and a short video on this trip.  I have decided to post all videos on You Tube because the quality is much better than I can upload here. 

I mentioned in my last blog that I have a number of "trains" on my layout covering many time periods.  I really did not know how much stuff I had from eras outside of my main interest.  For instance, I purchased all the containers and well cars at an outrageously low price at a garage sale.  I also saw all of the Super Fleet locomotives in Cajon Pass in the early 90's, and had to have models of them.  So soon I had nearly all of them.  (Waiting on Fox Valley Models for their GP60M's).  So future posts likely to be spread all over the last half of the 20th Century for a while.  So here goes No .2.
K Lines of a different color

More K Line

Colorful containers are muck easier to weather than white

Note that the mounting posts and end posts are painted silver; as purchased they are painted like the rest of the container, white. 

More K Lines of a different color

K Line red weathers in reality very fast

48' on 40' and 40' on 48'

You can see a 3 minute video of this train in action on YouTube at the following web site: