Friday, June 12, 2015

1954 Santa Fe Extra 239 in N Scale


F7 ABBA Extra 239 eastbound over a dry wash in the Mojave Desert, working that 6000 horsepower.  Most Santa Fe freight trains ran as "Extras" in the 1950's.  The train was numbered after the lead locomotive in the train, thus Extra 239.  And, of course, a YouTube video comes with this blog.

The video is located on YouTube at:


Because 1950's freight trains usually consisted mainly of 40' or 50' boxcars, with an occasional tank car or hopper, I decided to show you some of the unique cars in the consist rather than every car in the train.

From Fox Valley Models, a Milwaukee Road long ribbed box car, "Route of the Electrified Olympian" slogan.  Nothing done to it yet, just a unique boxcar from the MILW.
Here we see three Micro Train 50' gondolas, each carrying a load of pipes.   All three gondolas are heavily weathered and the pipe loads are from Hays Brothers.
Micro Trains  50' flat with load from Chooch Enterprises.
Two more MT 50' gondolas with rolled steel loads.  These loads also come from Chooch Entp.
Stock MT 50' boxcar.  Mildly weathered 
Baltimore and Ohio USRA Steel Boxcar with overlapping flat panel roof, lightly weathered. 
Three Texaco 36' tank cars from Micro Trains.  Weathered with rust colored accents along the top of the tank car cylinder.