Tuesday, December 10, 2019

1981 Santa Fe Autos and Auto Parts in N Scale (5040)

Heavily weathered SD40-2.  The walkways tend to turn grey over time as the locomotive is exposed to the elements.  This custom painted Kato unit has the usual Santa Fe roof additions; rotating beacon, raised air horns, air conditioning unit and antennae.  Side sills accurately reflects typical weathering of Santa Fe hood diesels.

F45 5927 is basically an SD45 with a cowl body.  The difference between the F45 and FP45 is the lack of a steam generator (P) as they were not designed for passenger service.  The model is powered by a Kato SD45 with the body supplied by JnJ trains.  It has BLMA fans, rotating beacon, antennae, and a custom decaling and paint job.  These were challenging to build, but I had modern F units a decade before Athearn brought them to market.
The model is mildly weathered.

While undergoing a repaint, F45 unit 5938 received an upgraded antennae and an air conditioning unit.  This JnJ shell was painted, decaled, and weathered, and fit to a Kato SD45 mechanism.  This unit also sports BLMA 48"  eight blade fans.

Custom painted Santa Fe Bx 101 Atlas 60' Auto Parts car, mildly weathered.  Bx stands for box car.

60 ft. PC Auto Parts Car from MT

86ft. SP Auto Parts car.  This is a very old Atlas? car.

60 ft. Grand Trunk Auto Parts car from MT

                    60 ft. Santa Fe Auto Parts car from MT

   86ft. CB&Q Auto Parts car. The unpainted aluminum doors weather aluminum doors weather to shades of black. Car made by     Trainworx.

                  60 ft. DD Union Pacific Auto Parts car from MT