Monday, February 18, 2013

Summer 1965; Combined El Capitan Super Chief

This week's blog will show the consists of the Santa Fe Combined El Capitan Super Chief in the summer 1965. Summertime vacationers increased traffic to the point that the combined train which normally operated as one train (unit), was divided into two separate "sections" (units), operating as one train number. The first section would be the El Capitan in a familiar Hi Level configuration, and the second section, the Super Chief, having a much more interesting configuration.

Motive Power: EMD F7 AABBB

Lounge Dormitory                                 Pullman Standard
Lunch Counter-Diner                             (Kitchen in Rear)
(5) Coaches                                            Pullman Standard
10-6 Sleeper                                           Budd
17 Roomette Sleeper*                            Pullman Standard
Dome Lounge Car                                  Pullman Standard
Dining Car                                              Pullman Standard
4-4-2 Sleeper                                          American Car & Foundry
17 Roomette Sleeper*                            Pullman Standard
10-6 Sleeper                                           American Car & Foundry

Notice the five coaches assigned to the Super Chief section, normally a sleeper only consist.

*I substituted two 17 Roomette Sleepers for the 11 double Bedroom cars as no car "sides" of 11 double bedroom cars are available from M&R. The window patterns are close, though.

Dormitory Lounge

Lunch Counter- Diner

First Two Coaches

Next Three Coaches

Budd 10-6 Sleeper

Seventeen Roomette Sleeper

Pleasure Dome


Seventeen Roomette Sleeper

ACF 4-4-2 Sleeper

ACF 10-6 Sleeper
The coaches are all from Pullman Standard and are from the 2861 class, despite different years of manufacture.   All cars were delivered with skirting, although many had this skirting removed.  All coaches were made from M&R brass sides on American Limited frames, as are the 17 roomette cars and the Lunch Counter-Diner.

I have published a video on YouTube of each train.
You can find the video of the El Capitan at:                        
You can find the video of the Super Chief at: