Thursday, December 5, 2019

1981 Santa Fe Auto and Auto Parts in N Scale (8050)

Santa Fe C30-7 leading a eastbound manifest freight.  In 1976,  GE C30-7 was introduced as the successor to the U30C locomotive and contained several internal and external design changes.  With 16 cylinders and 3000 h.p., this model was GE's challenge to the EMD SD40-2.  Between 1977 and 1982, Santa Fe purchased 157 of these units.
 EMD SD45-2 number 5661 is a 3600 h.p., 20 cylinder locomotive, representing the highest horsepower of any regular production locomotive in the 1970's.  That's 20 diesel cylinders at 645 cubic inches each.  (Today's current V-8 gasoline engines run about 300 cubic inches total.)  the diesel engine provided power to run the six electric motors, mounted one per each axle.  In reality, these locomotives are diesel electric locomotives.   Santa Fe owned 90 of these locomotives.

Weathered SD45 from Kato, custom painted with typical cab roof additions.  5430 had an interesting history, as the original 20 cylinder 3600 hp engine was replaced by a 645F3 16 cylinder engine rated at 3500 hp.  It is essentially a SD40 in a SD45 carbody.  This was done to 12 different units as an experiment to overcome the "quirky" 20 cylinder 645E3 engines.  This experiment proved to be too expensive to repeat on further units.

F45 5924 is a custom model, kit bashed from a Kato SD45 frame and a JnJ body shell.  Construction methods were shown in a previous blogs.  The 5924 has been recently repainted and had air conditioning installed along with a Sinclair antennae.

Great Northern 6O ft. DD Box from MT Roof walk removed.

Union Pacific 60 ft. box weathered, from Micro Trains

Lightly weathered 86' Auto Parts box.  Unknown manufacturer.

Rio Grande DD Waffle Box from MT

Union Pacific DD 60' Ribbed box.  Rare paint scheme.

Very old Atlas NYC Auto Parts 86 footer.  Heavily weathered.

UP heavily weathered 60 ft. box from MT.

                              Atlas GT Auto Parts 86' car.  Heavily weathered.

A video of this train can be seen on YouTube at: