Saturday, February 2, 2019

Abrams MI Tank Train

A couple of GE units lead the "Tank Train" across the Mojave Desert, prior to the merger with the Burlington Northern.  

This train is eastbound, leaving from Sierra Army Depot, Herlong Ca, via the Sierra Northern Railway to the Santa Fe interchange.  These tanks are leaving storage, bound for re-deployment.

Pictured here are two GE units.  The 502 is an 8-40BW , part of an order of 81 units manufactured between 1990-92.  The "W" stands for 'Wide Cab".  The 7412 is a 8-40B, and has much in common with the 502 mechanically, including 4000 HP from both classes.
Shown here are GP60 4017and unit 331 GP60B. 4017  was one of forty built between 1988-89.  They were equipped with dynamic brakes, air conditioners, and rotary beacons. 331 was one of twenty three cabless "B" units built in 1991.  They shared the same 710G engine with 3800 HP, frame length and internal components as the GP60's
DODX 68' flat cars designed to carry one Abrams M1AI tank.  These cars rode on Barber Roller Bearing trucks, and all were painted red.

These 68' DODX flat cars rode on 6 wheel Buckeye trucks, and thus were able to support the weight of two Abrams tanks.  Shown are flat cars painted dark green (weathered).

Pictured two Olive Drab colored tanks and two in Desert Tan.

One tank in faded Olive Drab. The flat cars are in two different colors, with the left in a light grey and the right in dark grey.

The Army ordered all the buckeye equipped flate in on of the three above mentioned colors.

Three Desert Tan and one Olive Drab.

If the Army was short of flats, they primarily hired out
Trailer Train flats of various lengths, in this case 50 footers.

You can see a video of this train on Youtube at: