Monday, September 10, 2012

Santa Fe Bicentennial SD45-2's 1976 Piggybacks Pt II

Two MT trailers. The Santa Fe trailer is custom painted and decaled.

Stock MT 45' Santa Fe trailer and custom Southern container on chasis.

Two stock MT trailers slightly weathered.

Micro Trains ICG 45' trailer and custom Santa Fe Trailer Transportation 40' trailer.

Weathered MT custom Preferred 45 trailer and Conrail trailer.

Slightly weathered ICG trailer and Vermont Railway trailer.

Two custom MT trailers, Co-op and CB&Q trailer.

Two MT trailers.  I believe the Tranamerica trailer is custom and the KCS is stock and slightly weathered.

Wheels, tires, trailer and flat car all weathered.

Note weathered deck.

Note contrast of framing with side panels.

Note: Most trailers in 1976 were 40' trailers and many flat cars were not of the length of the MT 89 foot length. But 1976 is not my area of specialty, so things are not 100% accurate. At least some of the trailers in this train did not really appear til the 80's.

You can view a 3 minute video of this train on YouTube at: