Monday, April 29, 2013

Westbound Manifest Freight led by SD40-2 5040

A typical Santa Fe manifest freight.....

Heavily weathered SD40-2.  The walkways tend to turn grey over time as the locomotive is exposed to the elements.  This custom painted Kato unit has the usual Santa Fe roof additions; rotating beacon, raised air horns, air conditioning unit and antennae.  Side sills accurately reflects typical weathering of Santa Fe hood diesels.

Freshly painted ATSF "snoot" SD40-2 loco.  Every diesel on your Santa Fe roster does not have to weathered as diesels are constantly being repainted.  Additional antennae on roof establish this loco as capable of being operated by remote control.

While undergoing a repaint, F45 unit 5938 received an upgraded antennae and an air conditioning unit.  This JnJ shell was painted, decaled, and weathered, and fit to a Kato SD45 mechanism.  This unit also sports BLMA 48"  eight blade fans.

Before you weather your precious, expensive, N Scale locomotive, do some research and find representative prototypes for you to copy.   Above are some of the reference photos I used before starting the weathering.  I used a great resource, Railroad Picture Archives.   The website is at:
You can search by locomotive type or in some cases by railroad, then by type on that railroad

Micro Trains 60' double door plug boxcar.

Gondolas should be beat up and heavily weathered
MT center beam and Bulkhead flat

More GT 60' action

I once saw an article in Model Railroader that I knew I would have to reproduce some day.  That's it!

One of my favorite boxcars on my layout.  This is a very old MRC 50' boxcar with the roofwalk removed, custom painted, decaled and weathered.  This is a rather unique boxcar in that the decals are decades old Walthers N Scale decals, and this is one of the first models I painted and decaled some 30 years ago!  Try finding Hydroframe-60 decals somewhere.

One of two on my layout, lightly weathered

Another of my favorites, A Bx-138 60' double plug box.  It was stripped, custom painted and decaled, and lightly weathered. This is the as delivered paint job from Thrall manufacturing.

Special Edition 60' "Waffle" boxcar
Heavily weathered gondolas (Micro Trains)

Custom painted and decaled GN plug and sliding door boxcar.  This car features billboard lettering.  This car has one of seven different paint jobs on this class of car.*

Stock MT car, part of the second Western Road 5-Pack featuring Santa Fe plug door boxcars, sponsored by "N Scale Collectors"
Custom painted 50' Shock Control car.

One of two custom Santa Fe single door 60' boxcars on my layout.  Painted with white added to the Indian Red paint of the Santa Fe to represent fading to a "pink" level.

Two mildly weathered cars
PC cars were always thoroughly weathered!

Mildly weathered

I detailed the equipment load, which made it a lot more interesting.  ATSF 90000 is a one of a kind flat on the Santa Fe.
Custom 50' box, a holdover from the 50's.  This is and old MRC car, recycled with roofwalk removed.  Caboose is a Ce-6 with as delivered black platforms and steps.

* Please see N Scale Railroading magazine's Nov 2005 issue for my article titled "Great Northern's Colorful Boxcars" for more information on the different paint schemes of GN boxcars.

You can find a video of this train on YouTube at: