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1954 Super Chief #17 in N Scale

Santa Fe Super Chief crossing the Mojave Desert powered by F7's ABBA  No. 38

       1954 Super Chief #17

ACF                    Baggage                                3456

ACF                    RPO                                       87

ACF                    10-6 Sleeper                          Palm Haven      

ACF                    10-6 Sleeper                          Palm Stream

ACF                    4-4-2 Sleeper                        Regal Crest

ACF                    4-4-2 Sleeper                        Regal Gate

ACF                    Dome                                     501

Pullman              Diner                                     603

Pullman              Dormitory Lounge               1341

Budd                   10-6 Sleeper                          Pine Pass
Budd                   10-6 Sleeper                          Pine Dale
 ACF                     4-4-2 Sleeper                        Regal Inn

ACF                    4-4-2 Sleeper                        Regal Court      

Pullman              4-1 Sleeper                           Vista Canyon

Sleeping Cars Design

10-6                      10 Roomette, 6 Bedroom

4-4-2                    4 Compartment, 4 Bedroom, 2 Drawing Room

4-1                        4 Drawing Room, 1 Bedroom

 Santa Fe #17 consist.  The ACF Sleepers, the Observation cars, the Pleasure Dome, the Diners, and the Lounge Dormitory cars were built exclusively for the Santa Fe Super Chief.  The Budd sleepers were built for general distribution and frequently found themselves on the Super Chief.

All models are from Kato.

American Car and Foundry Baggage #3456 delivered in 1950.

 Railway Post Office car 87 manufactured by ACF and delivered in

 Palm Haven is an ACF built 10-6 sleeper delivered in 1951.   
This photo shows the B side of this car.
Palm Stream another ACF car also delivered in 1951.  

Regal Crest from ACF is a 4-4-2 sleeper delivered in 1950.

AFC's Regal Gate delivered in 1950, B side..

The Pleasure Dome Lounge also featured a small dining area.  This Pullman manufactured car was delivered for the Super Chief only in 1950.  One of six cars.

Pullman made Diner was delivered for the Super Chief in 1950.

The 1341 Dormitory Lounge was built by Pullman and delivered in 1950.

The Diner always ran with the Kitchen end next to the small dining room (The Turquoise Room) of the Dome Lounge.  This allowed for direct access. 

 Pine Pass was built by Budd.  It is a 10-6 sleeper delivered to the Santa Fe in 1951.  Note that the floor plan is "flipped" from the ACF version of a 10-6.

 Pine Dale by Budd also delivered in 1951.  The Pine Dale and the Pine Pass were both modified from Kato CB&Q 10-6's.  I opened up the Wheel wells and painted the cars with Alclad II Aluminum.

 Regal Inn is a 4-4-2 built by ACF.

  Regal Court is a 4-4-2- built by ACF.

Vista Canyon is a 4-1 Sleeper Observation built exclusively for the Super Chief and delivered in 1950.

Additional Information:

Kato recently released a two pack of Santa Fe sleepers with an eleven bedroom sleeping car, and the above Pine 10-6.  The cars were delivered without skirts attached, but many of the cars had their skirts added by Santa Fe Employees.

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