Monday, October 26, 2015

1954 Santa Fe Extra 255 West in N Scale

Todays posting is of a Santa Fe freight train westbound to Los Angeles.  Extra 255 West is led by an ABBA combination of EMD F7 Locomotives, each boasting 1500hp.  The train number is taken from the locomotive number.  Most Santa Fe freight trains ran as "Extras". 
 Extra 255 passing Desert Cement outside of Needles, California.
Desert Cement

NYC boxcar originally purchased in the late 70's, one of the first Kadee N Scale releases.

Caboose 1790 brings up the rear of Extra 255.

Most westbound trains, both freight and passenger, fuel up in Barstow before finishing their run to LA or Richmond, CA.
ATSF 90000 was the only center depressed flat car of the class.
Two Union Pacific gondolas with tire loads (from Hays Bros.)
Maximum use of space with six tractors on a 50' ATSF flat car.
 Hays Bros. pipe loads in an SP gondola and a WP fishbelly gondola.  Both cars are from Micro Trains.

A video of this train can be found on YouTube at:

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