Monday, May 13, 2013

Westbound TOFC led by C30-7 8122

Santa Fe actively promoted their TOFC/COFC trains with potential customers.  There was a heavy volume of this type of traffic all over their system.  It was more than LA or Richmond CA to Chicago. There was an arrangement with Conrail for coast to coast traffic, and TOFC/COFC trains from many major cities to others on the main, and arrangements for transfers to other class one carriers.  Today's train is another typical westbound passing through the Needles Division.

C30-7 8122 leads this TOFC.  This weathered Kato unit has custom paint and decals, raised air horns, an air conditioning unit, rotating beacon, and antennae. 

This custom painted and heavily weathered Kato unit is a SD40-2  It started out as a "snoot" unit, but I removed the long nose and substituted a nose from a SD45, thus making a standard SD40-2.  This is one of three on my layout.

Nicely weathered Kato SD45 with fading blue paint, and the usual rooftop features.

4011 is another custom SD39, made from a Kato SD40.  Please refer to my last post for info on the conversion.
Close up of SD40-2 5029.  Santa Fe did a lot of this "patchwork painting" on their diesels.

Many diesels had this type of weathering along their side sills.

Close up of roof of SD39.  Note external wiring of antennae to cab.  This type of wiring would show up later on "Super Fleet" FP45's,  when the horns were relocated to the middle of the long hood.

Micro Trains custom Preferred 45 and a very old Con Cor(?) trailer decaled AXXA with MT wheelset.

Another Preferred 45 and stock KCS trailer

Weathered WP  45 footer and custom NW 40' trailer

Weathered MT trailers

Custom WE refrigerated trailer; custom SFTT 40 footer

Custom PP 45' MT trailer and Santa Fe 40' Athearn trailer

Custom trailers TexMex and Santa Fe Trailer Transport

Custom trailers Falcon Service (CNW) and Santa Fe

Custom Transamerica and N&W

Custom Soo 45' trailer and stock MT Bicentennial trailer

Weathered Conrail and 40'custom build trailer from a kit of undetermined origin

Wow, a lot of custom built and decaled trailers on this train!

Stock MT trailers

Stock MT MoPac and custom ATSF 40' trailer

Beautiful Think Safety Centralia caboose

You can find a video of this train on YouTube at:

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