Sunday, July 13, 2014

1981 Santa Fe Westbound TOFC led by SD45-2 5640

SD45-2 5640 is an Intermountain model of the 20 cylinder 3600 horsepower behemoth.  It is mildly weathered with a normal amount of fading.  I add raised air horns 1981 style, on the roof of the cab.  Santa Fe purchased 90 of these units from 1972 to 1974.

SD40-2 5033 is a Kato model of this 16 cylinder 3000 horsepower unit.  Originally produced by Kato as a "Snoot" version, I replaced the long nose with that of an SD45, thus making it a standard version of the SD40-2.  The "Porches" on either end of the SD40-2 are due to making the longer SD45 frames standard on mid and later production units.  I custom painted the model, adding the air conditioner, raised air horns, antennae, and rotating beacon. The model represented freshly painted unit out of the San Bernardino, CA paint shop.

GP38 3520  is one of 61 purchased by the Santa Fe in 1970.  The unit is equipped with a 3000 gallon fuel tank, dynamic brakes, and a factory installed rotary beacon.  My model is mildly weathered.

All but one of the 89' trailers in this train are Micro Trains models.  All are weathered to some degree.  Here pictured are a couple of MT trailers, with the highlight  being the Bicentennial white Santa Fe 40' trailer.

All the bracing for the trailers has been masked and sprayed silver, with many weathered to a gray color.  Both of these trailers are custom painted and decaled.

Stock MT 45' Family Lines trailer and custom painted and decaled Santa Fe trailer.  Both the SFTT and fully lettered Santa Fe 40' trailers were beautiful examples of Santa Fe's emphasis on modular traffic.

Gelco custom trailer with refrigeration unit and stock MT BN trailer.

Custom Preferred 102 trailer and NW unit shortened from 48 to 40'.

Since these photos were taken, all of my TOFC/COFC flat cars have the U-1 Stencil added.  That is the black logo with a yellow circle stamped on, representing inspected for defective 33" wheels

Two custom trailers.  The Santa Fe trailer represents one where the rear panels have been replaced.

Stock MT trailers, both mildly weathered

Stock Rio Grande trailer and custom Santa Fe trailer

Both trailers custom painted and decaled

Preferred 45 trailer custom painted/decaled.  Stock MT Conrail trailer with replacement panel

Both the Nevada Northern and the Rio Grande trailers are custom.

The Southern 45'trailer is a Con Cor trailer with Micro Trains wheel sets, while the UP trailer is stock, but weathered. Hmm, in looking at this photo, I believe I will redo the wheel sets on the Southern trailer.

Here is the exception to the MT flats.  This flat is a solid metal Rapido flat, custom painted, updated with Micro Trains wheel sets and end ramps. The Santa Fe trailer represents a 40 ft. trailer stretched out to 45'.  I saw many of these "stretch jobs" in Cajon Pass in the early eighties.  The Con Cor Rio Grande trailer has MT wheel sets.

Both the Western Express trailer and the American Presidents Line Container on flat trailer are custom painted and decaled.  The beautiful Red Caboose Waycar brings up the end of the train.

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