Monday, June 25, 2012

FP45 Double Stacks "Red Warbonnet"

FP45 Double Stacks "Red Warbonnet"

Looking for a way to promote their Hi Speed Intermodal service, new president Michael Haverty decided a great way to do this was to bring back the red and silver “Warbonnet” paint scheme.   In the meantime, he ordered the repainting of the FP45’s into the warbonnet paint scheme and had them tour the country promoting their intermodal freight service.  In 1989 the Santa Fe was to order 123 new locomotives from GE and EMD, and he decided they would be delivered in such a paint scheme.

FP45's in the Red Warbonnet paint scheme

About the models.  These FP45's have been highly upgraded from the original Lima locomotives I scrounged around for in the early 1980's at swap meets.  Although the shells are rough by today's standards, I managed to modify the shells with creating pilots, adding details, such as BLMA fans, to produce pretty respectable models.  The shells were installed on C44-9W frames with SD45 trucks obtained from Kato.
Sea Land Containers

All cars in this train are 40' well cars
As you can see, I haven't as yet weathered these cars or containers

45' Mitsui container on 40' American President's Line container

You can see a video of this double stack train at YouTube at: