Saturday, November 1, 2014

1981 Union Pacific SD40-2 Manifest Freight

One of the many hundreds of SD40-2 delivered to the UP in the 70's, it sports rear mounted air horn and rotating beacon, faded original "We Can Handle It" paint and years of weathering.

Originally built in 1968 as unit 3609, this SD45, along with all units numbered 3600 to 3649, had their numbers changed to 1-50 to clear room for the sequential numbering of SD40-2's to be delivered in 1978.  Most of these SD45's received RCS equipment, with the even numbered SD45's being "control" units with the odd numbered units being "remote" units.  This system was short lived.  Appearance-wise, the RCA antennae was mounted over the cab, resulting in the communication firecracker antennae moved to the very aft of the long hood.

Smooth running Atlas SD7

Roundhouse C&NW 50' "waffle" box car.  Horizontal bracing on side panels reflect inside tie downs for stabilizing load.

Santa FE cylindrical hopper with GMM walkways

GWF 50' DD box from MT, mildly weathered

CEI 50' plug door box from MT

Atlas 53' covered hopper in D&RG livery.  The roof walk is photo etch metal from Gold Medal Models (GMM).

Red Caboose 60' BN beer car, mildly weathered.

Red Caboose 60' MOPAC beer car, mildly weathered.

Model Rectifier 50' double door boxcar, a real "oldie". Weathered, with roller bearing trucks added.  Again, the roof walk has been removed.

60' BN gondola with block metal scrap load

Red Caboose 60' Union Pacific beer car, mildly weathered.

Red Caboose 60' D&RG beer car, mildly weathered.

WP 50' DD box from MT, mildly weathered

Rock Island 50' box with single 8' door

Atlas tank car with ACFX lettering.  Weathered with rust across the top of the car, done with chalks.

ATSF 50' Shock Control car.  XF logo indicates food loading only.

NW 50' DD box from MT, mildly weathered, roof walk removed and roller bearing trucks added.

LP&N 50' DD box from MT, mildly weathered.  Everybody loves this car.

Couple of MT cement covered hoppers.

Western Maryland Damage Free 50' plug and sliding door box car, with the roof walk removed and mildly weathered

RBOX 50' single door box car, part of nationwide pool of freight cars.

Roundhouse D&RGW 50' "waffle" box car.

Centralia caboose
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