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1981 Union Pacific SD40-2 "Snoot" Manifest Freight

The three units pictured here represent three different orders of SD40/SD40-2's delivered to the Union Pacific. With that in mind, let me say I know a lot more about the Santa Fe in this time period than I will ever know about the Union Pacific!  So, if I make any errors, please point them out to me.

Kato SD40-2 3401 with as delivered firecracker antennae, rotating beacon, and air horns located over the radiator fans.  This unit was delivered in September of 1971 and features the extended nose. This paint scheme first appeared in November of 1980. It features a large 3401 under the cab windows, smaller UP shield beneath it, and larger Union Pacific lettering on the long hood.  It has the UP shield on the nose. 

SD40 3054 was delivered from EMD in October of 1966.  Intermediate repaint scheme featuring larger Union Pacific lettering on the hood.  Number locations include on the long hood, under the cab windows, on the nose, and, of course, on the four number boards.  Union Pacific lettered on the nose.  Mildly weathered.  Walkways severely weathered, almost to a white.

SD40-2 3220 in as delivered paint scheme (small UP lettering), and with updated antennae, beacon and horn locations. Maximum number locations.  Mildly weathered reflecting time period. Delivered in April of 1973.  "We Can Handle It" logo probably (?) a repaint add on.  The SD40-2's featured the large "porches" on the front and rear.

MT Rio Grande 60' Double Plug "Waffle" box car
MT Conrail 60' Double Plug "Waffle" box car

MT 40' XF box car, indicating food service only

Heavily weathered UP 50' double plug door box car

MILW 53' mechanical refrigerator car, heavily weathered

This started out as a white mech. refrigerator BN car.

Heavily weathered Rock Island OB 50' box.  The Rock Island earned it's last profit in 1965.  While investigating possible mergers, the railroad slid into a decrepit situation, with no investments in maintenance of locomotives, track, freight cars, etc.  Finally, strikes and federal intervention pushed them over the edge.  The once proud Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific ceased operations on March 31, 1980.

An old model of indeterminate origin, custom painted, decaled, and weathered. 

Reading 50' wood gondola with steel bracing

D&H 50' plug and sliding door box. mildly weathered

Custom painted GN plug and sliding door box. Non-standard (on green cars) white  Great Northern slant serif.  Roof walk removed.

Custom painted 5'0' box of unknown origin, though it does have a very heavy metal frame. Roof walk removed.

Clean 50' IC 50' box car.

Mildly weathered BN plug door reefer (WFE)

WGRR bulkhead flat with load

SP bulkhead flat with load

GN 50' auto box car with roof walk removed

A very old Bachmann 50' plug door box, stripped, custom painted and decaled.  Roof walk removed.

MT 50' DD box, with roof walk removed and mildly weathered

Another SP bulkhead flat with load

Trailer Train bulkhead flat with load

UP  centerbeam flat with load

Yellow Trailer Train centerbeam flat with load

MILW  centerbeam flat with load

Soo Line 53' mechanical refrigerator, medium weathering

Northern Pacific 53' mechanical refrigerator, medium weathering

Weathered MT 50' plug and sliding door UP car

Beautiful Centralia UP caboose

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