Monday, July 2, 2012

Santa Fe Super Fleet FP45 Businesss Special

Business Special powered by Super Fleet FP45's

FP45's 93 and 92 leading Business Special

With Santa Fe concentrating on double stack trains, it was necessary to go out and promote this business with potential customers.  Today's train carries Santa Fe executives and sales people with three 4-4-2 Regal class sleepers, a Big Dome car, and Business Lounge.

Business Special with three sleeper cars from the Regal 4-4-2 series

Dome-Lounge Dormitory car and Business car

Dome Lounge Dormitory car from 550 Class

The small window section indicated the location of the crew lounge dormitory.  This is different from the original Big Dome cars as they were strictly lounge cars, and on those cars, all windows are the same size.
This car made froma Bachmann Big Dome car with M & R sides added for better detail and correct window placement.  Most of the Bachmann shell was removed and the sides carefully added to the window framing.

Business Car Topeka

Kato business car modified with 6 wheel Commonwealth trucks, wheel wells carved open and new taillight arrangement.

Santa Fe Super Fleet FP45's 92 and 93

As mentioned lasst week, these are highly modified Lima shells on a
C44-9W chassis.  New ladder steps and air conditioning unit part of improvements, along with the obvious repaint and use of Micro Scale decals.

BLMA fans

My FP45's have BLMA 48" fans installed, replacing the crude fans molded onto the model.  It is a relatively simple project producing fantantic looking results.  Something not really necessary to do with the Athearn models.

BLMA fans

Some of the fans have a center plate.  I am not sure as to why there are two different types as they both have eight blades.  They were also installed as needed and relaced with what was on hand.  I also repositioned the horns per the prototype.

You can see  a video of this Business Special on YouTube at: