Tuesday, March 24, 2020

1981 Santa Fe train #678 Autos and Auto Parts in N Scale (5002)

  1. Electro Motive Division SD40 5002.  This is part of an order of 20 delivered in 1966.  The SD40's were rebuilt in the late 70's and brought up as close as possible  to the SD40-2 standards, primarily in the electrical components area.  Of course, these locos received air conditioning, "can" antennae, raised air horns, and a rotating beacon.  They also had their footboards removed from the pilot, and replaced with snow plows.  All received the Yellow Warbonnet paint scheme.

SD40 5012, part of initial order of 20 locomotives in 1966 (5000-5019).  Santa Fe then targeted the SD45 for future deliveries, until 1977 with the initial purchases of the SD40-2.  Delivered in the Yellow Stripe paint scheme and numbered 1700-1719, they were part of a remanufacturing program during 1980 and 1981.  Unit 5012 appears as if it has just been released from it's rebuilding!

Trailing unit 5945.  Many of my FP45's are old Lima units (70's) rebuilt with frames from Kato C44-9W's. This unit also sports SD-45 trucks, Fuel tank from SD-75M, fan covers from BLMA, and steps from J&J.

The Auto Rack cars were highlighted in "1981 Auto Rack" blog.

UP 60' DD Box from MT (Auto Parts)
SP 86 ft Open Air Auto Rack from Athearn

WP 60 ft DD box (Auto Parts)

60 ft. Auto Parts car from Atlas

Frisco 86' Auto Parts car from Blueford Shops

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