Monday, September 16, 2013

1981 Autorack led by GP38 3532

I had been looking on eBay for sometime for someone selling the old N Scale of Nevada replacement panels for the Con Cor Auto Racks.  But then I discovered that Plano models had manufactured the same type of panels in N Scale.  With that, I converted my last five Con Cor cars.  I was able to put together a 31 car Auto Rack special, which you can now view on YouTube.  In a previous blog, I put together an Auto Rack train with my Micro Trains and Red Caboose auto racks.  In this blog, I've pictured just the Con Cor Auto Racks.  Please also note that I modified the MT trucks for close coupling, to better represent the prototype.
You can view this video at:

Atlas GP38 3532, custom painted and heavily weathered.  This unit had a 16 cylinder normally aspirated diesel engine generating 2000 h.p.  These locomotives were designed for local and secondary service where hi horsepower and turbocharging would be wasted.  However, that never stopped using many of their 61 units in mainline service.

Kato SD40-2 5027 "Snoot".  Fresh out of the paint shop.  Custom painted and decaled with all the normal rooftop additions.  After a spree of buying SD45's and SD45-2's from 1967 to 1974, Santa Fe returned to the 16 cylinder 3000 h.p. SD40-2 in 1977, purchasing 187 units thru 1981.  Along with the twenty SD40's bought in 1966, this class represented the largest type of locomotive on the Santa Fe roster.  Each cylinder on the diesel was 645 cubic inches.

Atlas B23-7 6365 heavily weathered. The B23-7 was an upgrade by General Electric of the U23B model.  It retained 2300 h.p. from its 12 cylinder diesel engine, but got upgrades in the electrical modules and improved floating bolster "B" trucks.

U36C 8755, mildly weathered, custom painted.  This is a Kato U30C, with a N Scale of Nevada U36C conversion kit.  N Scale of Nevada is now out of business.  The U36C was manufactured by General Electric, and Santa Fe purchased 100 of these 16 cylinder, 3600h.p. units between 1972 and 1975.

Conrail with Plano panel conversion

Santa Fe in Mineral Brown with Plano panel conversion

Soo Line with Plano panel conversion

Santa Fe with Plano panel conversion

Burlington Northern with Plano panel conversion.

Soo Line with N Scale of Nevada panel conversions.  All the following Auto Racks have the NSN panel conversions.

Santa Fe

Grand Trunk

Chicago and North Western

Baltimore and Ohio

Santa Fe in Indian Red, with the "t" on a separate metal placard.

Southern Pacific

Rio Grande

Santa Fe in Mineral Brown

Santa Fe

Canadian National

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