Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Santa Fe Fantasy FP45 BiCentennial

In my September 3rd blog, I mentioned that I had a photo of my custom painted FP45 in BiCentennial colors published in Model Railroader Magazine.  I promised an expansion on that, and here it is.

This is what the Santa Fe BiCentennial locomotives should have looked like. Although the SD45-2'S were a great choice, the FP45's, in my opinion, would have been the ultimate choice.  But it was a great paint scheme, no matter which locomotive was used.

F units in Needles, CA

5940 in the Mojave

5940 crossing the Mojave

The FP45 in BiCentennial colors in Barstow

 In 1975, Santa Fe painted 5 SD45-2's in this paint scheme.  I previously posted a video of these in action on my Needles Division. 

Santa Fe SD45-2 BiCentennial unit fresh from the Barstow Paint Shop in 1975.

(photo: Kansas State Historical Society, Santa Fe Collection)
A picture of my FP45 was published in Model Railroader's trackside photos in the October 2012 issue.

The TOFC in the video on YouTube are basically flats and trailers from the late seventies and early eighties.  One of the two periods I model is June of 1981, so most of my TOFC stuff  is from that period.  Since this is a "Fantasy" train, I guess there are no strict rules.  So here goes with many of the flats in this train.  Please note weathering on most of the 89' flats.

A video of that train is available on YouTube at:

Thanks for your time.

Atlas 45' Vermont trailer and new Athearn 40' B&O trailer
Two Micro Train trailers, slightly weathered

MT 45' custom Preferred 45' trailer and a new Athearn 40 footer.

Two custom MT trailers, with the refrigeration unit and diesel fuel tank added, and slightly weathered.  Custom Santa Fe trailer transit 40 footer.

Custom Tex Mex 45' MT trailer and stock UP, both slightly weathered.

Can't get enough of Preferred Pool and Santa Fe trailers, both custom MT units.

I think the Transamerica unit is custom painted, but I am not sure.  The weathered N&W unit is a stock MT trailer.

Soo Line custom 45' trailer and stock MT BiCentennial trailer.

I believe the 45' Conrail is stock and the Burlington is a complete custom.  The trailer is very old, one that required assembly. 

MT custom Preferred pool and custom WP forty footer.

The new Athearn and Trainworks trailers are absolutely fabulous!  I am waiting on further releases from both Trainworks and BLMA on their 85' flat cars.  When I get delivery, I hope to redo some of my earlier videos, and match trailers and flats in the proper time frame.  Til then..........
A video of this train is available on YouTube at: