Monday, April 1, 2013

Westbound Hotshot TOFC led by FP45 5948

My last posting introduced you to the 1981 version of my Needles Division.  The FP45's are a perfect example of the time frame choice, June, 1981.  In the months following, the FP45's would be rebuilt and the appearance would change with the addition of smoke deflectors on the roof.  A very unsightly addition in my opinion.  In 1980, FP45 #5943 was rebuilt as a prototype for future remanufacturing of this class.  However, at that time, the smoke deflectors had not been added.  (I modeled this rebuild, and you will see it in a future posting.)  After much research, the following FP45's are weathered as they might have looked prior to their rebuilds in '81 snd '82. 

What are the chances that four F units would be in one train?  Well, in 1985, I photographed four F units together westbound in Cajon Pass, and a B&W photo of this scene made it into CTC  Board magazine in April of  '85.

A video of this train can be seen on YouTube at:


Back to the model RR.  The following train could easily represent  hotshot train 189 (Chicago to Southern California, including Barstow; intermodal) or 199 (Chicago to Northern California, west of Barstow; intermodal).

Lead unit 5948.  All FP45's in this blog are old Lima units (70's) rebuilt with frames from Kato C44-9W's
5941 with fuel tank from SD75M and steps from J&J Trains.

5940 with trucks from Kato SD45's

FP45 #5946.  Fans are from BLMA.  Rotating beacon, antennae and new air horns added.

Weathering included rust along top of cab, extending along the hood.  Black soot along entire hood length.  Subtle weathering on fuel tanks and trucks.  Blue paint weathered (lightened).

Two custom MT trailers on MT 89' Trailer Train flat. Most trailers subtly weathered.

Custom MT trailer and EL trailer from Athearn

Atlas 45' Vermont trailer and 40' Chessie from Athearn

45' Santa Fe from Atlas and 40' UP trailer from Athearn.

 ConCor 45' trailer with MT wheelset and landing gear.  PC 40' from Athearn, atop TT 89' trailer in original 60's paint scheme.

Atlas Preferred 45 with MT wheelset and KCS MT 40' trailer.

Couple more MT trailers.

Atlas Preferred Pool and MT 40' trailer

MT Rio Grande and custom painted and decaled Santa Fe MT 40 footer.

ICG 45' trailer from MT and drop frame trailer from Trainworx.

Atlas 45' and ICG 40 footer from Athearn

Another 45' from MT and drop frame Santa Fe from TWX.

Custom painted and decaled 45 foot MT trailer and 40' Santa Fe trailer from Athearn.

Custom Soo Line and white Santa Fe refrigerated unit from TWX.

45' MT and drop frame MoPac trailer from TWX.

Another custom Soo Line and weathered 40' Athearn unit.

Two Trainworx trailers on BLMA 89' F-89-J flat car in original 60's paint scheme.

Beautiful ATSF caboose from Centralia Shops.

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