Sunday, November 10, 2013

1981 Eastbound TOFC led by F45 5929

1981 Eastbound TOFC.   

Athearn F45 5929, medium weathering.  

Athearn F45 5935 This model is weathered with a rust haze that does not show up well in this photo.

A close up magnifies the weathering to a higher degree.

Atlas SD26 4644 with paint job updated at rebuild.  Heavily weathered, with  blue paint weathered to a lighter blue by repeated spray applications of  Model Maker, thinned, sand paint.

SD26 close up, heavily weathering on side sill.

BLMA F89-J flat trailer in black and yellow; equipped for both 40 and 45 foot trailers.  Here we have new releases by both Trainworx (TWX) and Athearn. RI from TWX and Santa Fe from Athearn. 


All the BLMA flats weathered to some extent, whether in the original brown paint scheme as delivered in the sixties, or the yellow and black which was introduced in the early seventies.

Athearn UP trailer and Micro Trains (MT) Soo 45 footer.

Athearn 40 Santa Fe exterior post trailer and TWX Rio Grande 40'.
Yet another F89-J flat with Athearn CNW 40 foot trailer and a TWX  Western Pacific 40 footer.

MT Vermont Ry. and TWX Santa Fe "Piggy-Back Service".

Couple of TWX trailers, one side door GN and a drop frame ICG. First TWX trailer, an 85" yellow and black Trailer Train.  This flat was originally designed and built by Pullman Standard (PS) in the 1960's

TWX trailers and TWX flat car (UP).  The second trailer is a side door trailer from Atlantic Coast Line.

Two TWX trailers on a TWX flat car.   I custom painted and decaled all the TWX flat as I missed out on the first run of these Trailer Train cars.  Mildly weathered.

Two Athearn trailers on TWX 84" flat car.  Also custom painted and decaled.  Mildly weathered.
A caboose hop on the rear of this TOFC train.  The dark red is from Centralia and the weathered waycar is of unknown origin, but highly modified from its original configuration with many MT parts.

A video of this train can be found on YouTube at: