Sunday, January 5, 2014

1990 Santa Fe GP60M

The Santa Fe GP60M's were delivered on property between May and June of 1990.  They represented the second phase of the Santa Fe Super Fleet, with the first part being the repainting and refurbishing of the FP45's.

Sixty three GP60 M's were manufactured by Electro Motive Division, with 3800 hp from the 710G engine.

In 1991, EMD delivered 23 GP60B units to match the previously delivered GP60M's.  

The dynamic brake grid was moved forward over the former cab section.

These locomotives shared the same 710G engine, length and internal components as the GP60M's.

The models are from Fox Valley Models.  Three ran quite smoothly, while one had to be disassembled and oiled where the shaft emerges from the motor.  The models appeared to be over-lubricated.

View of the GP60M's and B units in Barstow.

The models require some assembly.  I restricted my additions to the windshield wipers, the grab irons, and the sunshades.  I did not at all like the grab irons supplied, so I purchased BLMA grab irons which fitted perfectly.  Each B unit required 14 grab irons, while each M unit required 11.  All in all, a beautiful unit from FVM.

A video of this train can be seen on YouTube at: