Monday, August 6, 2012

Santa Fe Extra 1936 East 1974

Freight Paint Schemes

The original freight locomotive paint scheme for cowl locomotives (F3, 7 and 9’s) carried over to 2nd generation diesel power.Freight locomotives delivered in the 60’s and early 70’s carried the blue and yellow stripe paint scheme.This is illustrated by the F45, FP45, SD45, and U23c combo in the video Extra 1936.

Kato U23C Weathered

BLMA fans installed on FP45.  This is a Lima model from the late 70's and powered by a Kato C44-9W with SD45 trucks.

Now, for some of the rolling stock on 1936 East.

UP Yellow cars weather nicely.  Combination of chalks and oils.
Santa Fe started converting mechanical reefers to standard plug door box cars by removing the refrigerator motors.  I had previously removed the roofwalks.  The reference to being a refrigerator car was painted out on the plug door.

Custom painted and decaled 50' dd box.  Note DF decal from Custom Rail Graphics.

Another example of neglected NYC boxcar.  Roof walk removed.  Now labeled for Conrail.

Mildly weathered Deroit, Toledo and Ironton boxcar with roofkalk removed. 

WP weathered Covered Hopper

Mildly weathered GN Covered Hopper

Heavily weathered, custom painted and decaled Santa Fe 50' box car still carrying slogans from the 1950's, Route of El Capitan and the large orange DF, damage free.  Orange DF used on plug door boxcars.

Custom painted Santa Fe 50' panel door boxcar.  This is an old Model Rectifier 50' boxcar with 1960's logos, roofwalk removed.

Cat tractor tied down with silver thread. (cables)

Custom painted Santa Fe Shock Control car from 1960's.  Note dark area on rooftop where the roofwalk was removed.  All the railcars on my layout have roofwalks removed, as when modeling 1981, all roofwalks used in interchange service would have been removed by this late date.

Mildly weathered MILW 60' Hy cube boxcar.  These cars weather up nicely with rust shaded chalks.

Custom painted and decaled 60' Atlas single door boxcar.  Lightly weathered with white added to original paint to "weather" the Indian Red paint.  Note black Santa Fe in the 10'  "Circle Cross".

Custom painted and decaled, heavily weathered 50' boxcar with paint scheme from the mid-1950's. 

Same as above, with Large yellow Damage Free logo used on standard boxcars.
Nicely weatheredd RF&P 50' plugdoor box.

I have seen many of the NdeM cars here in the Southwest.  Many look very beat up.
WFEX mechanical reefer.  Note roofwalk removed.  Mildly weathered.
URTX Milwaukee Rd.

MILW Outside braced mechanical refrigerator car.
ATSF CE-8 Caboose.  The CE-6 caboose had black steps and ends, which I repainted.  Looks like I forgot to relabel the car itself.  Very nice Atlas cabooses. 

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