Sunday, February 2, 2020

1981 Santa Fe Auto and Auto Parts in N Scale (5512)

SD45 5512, straight from the paint shop in San Bernardino.

General Electric U36C, created from a U30C Kato frame and a N Scale of Nevada (now OOB) U36C conversion kit.  You can occasionally find these kits on Ebay.  Custom painted with the normal roof additions.

U30CG was a General Electric custom project for the Santa Fe.  I have a thorough description of the modifications done to a similar Trix unit in my July 21, 2012 blog, the most important being the use of a Kato chassis.  Although these units were retired in September of 1980, I couldn't resist having one these on my roster in June of 1981.

Santa Fe SD39 4015.  Please refer to my April 15, 2013 blog for a thorough review of the SD39's on my roster (three).  This 
particular unit represents a freshly repainted unit. 

UP 60ft. Hi Cube box car from Micro Trains

86 ft. Mo Pac Auto Parts car from Trainworx

Athearn  60 ft C&O Double Door Auto Parts car, Heavily Weathered

Micro Trains 60' single door Grand Trunk Hi Cube box car

Micro Trains 60 ft Auto Parts car, Roof Walk removed

60' Custom Painted single door box car from Atlas

Santa Fe 86 ft Auto Parts car from Trainworx

Detroit and Toledo Shore Line 86' Auto Parts car from Bluford Shops

Heavily weathered UP 60' Auto Parts car from Atlas.

86' Santa Fe Auto Parts car, possibly very old Atlas car, weathered and partially repainted. 

You can see a video of this train at:

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